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Arda is Egyptian vulture, hatched and tagged with satellite transmitter in 2012, in Eastern Rhodopes. She was the first of the tagged Bulgarian vultures, that left the country. After a short trip in Turkey and Greece, Arda came back near the nest and fed heavily in rigorous preparation for the real migration. On the 21th of September, she said her parents "goodbye" and headed South. On the next day she reached Central Turkey. On the 28th of December 2012 between 08:00 to 10:00 am, in southern Sudan, Arda died. The place is about 70 kilometers North of the troubled area between Sudan and South Sudan. Arda remained in the area 10 days before her death. More than a week, the transmitter continued to send a signal! For now we can only speculate what is the cause of death. The option that the transmitter has fallen off the back of the bird is among the least likely. The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds immediately contacted the Sudanese conservation society to visit the area and find the vulture. The aim was to derive valuable information on ecology and conservation of the Egyptian vulture and to take adequate measures to promote the protection of wintering birds in Sudan in the future.