SPA Krumovitsa

Krumovitsa Special Protection Area (BG0002012)

Photo: Volen Arkumarev

Krumovitsa Special Protection Area (SPA) is located in southern Bulgaria and includes the valleys in the middle course of Krumovitsa River, along with the valley of Dusun Dere River and the neighbouring hills and slopes of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. The area covers also the surroundings of Gorna Kula and Chal villages.

Krumovitsa map
Landscape and biodiversity
Along the banks of the rivers there are poplar trees, willows, black alder and dense bush (brambles and dog rose). Animals: light green whip snake, European blind snake, Hermann’s and spur-thighed tortoises, rock nuthatch, black-eared wheatear, black stork, booted eagle, wolf, wild boar, roe deer et al.
There are 136 bird species in the Krumovitsa region; 26 of them are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 64 have conservation significance on a European level.
The area has a global significance as a representative area of the Mediterranean biome. It is among the most important areas for the conservation of the globally endangered cinereous and Egyptian vultures.
Agriculture, forestry and (extensive) animal husbandry.
The depopulation in the area leads to a decline in the numbers of livestock and thence – in the number of carcasses. This diminishes to a great extent the natural food sources for the vultures. Fires, poaching, poisoned baits, electricity network and investment plans with no consideration for nature are among the threats for wildlife in the area.
Conservation status
Two natural sites within the Krumovitsa area are declared protected for landscape conservation. In 1997 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International

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