SPA Kamchiiska planina

Kamchiiska Planina Special Protection Area (BG0002044)

Photo: Dobromir Dobrev

Kamchiiska Mountain forms the northern part of the shore section of the Balkan Mountain. To the east it borders with the Black Sea, to the north and south it follows the valleys of the Kamchiya and Luda Kamchiya Rivers, as well as the col which divides it from Eminska Mountain.

Kamchiiska map
Landscape and biodiversity
The main habitats in the area include forests: oak, beech and mixed broadleaf. The arable land and meadows are around the human settlements. In the western part of the mountain there are sporadic rock masses. The animal kingdom is represented by spotted salamander, adder, western osprey, semi-collared flycatcher, grey woodpecker, red fox, jackal, brown bear, red deer et al.
There are 189 bird species in Kamchiiska Mountain; 47 of them are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 81 have conservation significance on a European level.
The area is important with regards to the protection and conservation of rare and threatened habitats, plants and animals. Kamchiiska Mountain lies on the Via Pontica migration route and is of international importance as a typical bottle neck migration site for migrating gliders: storks, pelicans and birds of prey. The area is important for the conservation of the globally endangered Egyptian vulture.
Forestry and agriculture.

Photo: Dobromir Dobrev

The high number of human settlements with well-developed regional infrastructure makes parts of Kamchiiska Mountain accessible for people. The forests are threatened by intensive forestry activities and unsustainable management. The electricity network, excessive pasture, urbanization and meadow ploughing are among the main factors for habitat destruction. Other threats include illegal dumpsites, sand and rock quarries, treasure hunting, poaching, delta-gliding. The tourism development over the last decade led to unregulated overbuilding on the sea shore and – through that – to the loss of shore habitats. Plans for the construction of wind parks in particular can seriously endanger migrating birds.
Conservation status
There are 7 areas under protection in Kamchiiska Mountain (comprising just 0.5% of its territory) which aim at the conservation and protection of mixed oak forests and rock landscapes. In 1997 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

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