SPA Lomovete

Lomovete Special Protection Area (BG0002025)

Photo: Dobromir Dobrev

Lomovete Special Protection Area (SPA) is located in the north-eastern part of the Ludogorie region, north-eastern Bulgaria, 20 km south-east from Russe, between Ivanovo, Pepelina, Krivnya and Svalenik villages.

Rusenski Lom map
Landscape and biodiversity
Lomovete SPA comprises a complex of deep canyons with typical vertical limestone cliffs along the meandering course of Russenski Lom River and its tributaries in the Danube plain. The main habitats here include forests and wide spread bush of Oriental hornbeam, Christ’s thorn and lilac, with sporadic meadow and grass communities. The agricultural plots are concentrated mostly along the valleys, next to the human settlements.
Animals here include: Dione’s snake, smooth snake, ruddy shelduck, roller, marbled polecat, otter, red deer, 24 bat species et al.
In the Lomovete region there are 149 bird species; 37 of them are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 59 have conservation significance on a European level.
The area is significant for the conservation and protection of rare and threatened habitats, plants and animals on a European level. It is of the utmost importance for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture together with other protected bird species.
Agriculture, forestry.
The area is sensitive to activities leading to the disturbance of bird species nesting on the cliffs. Rock climbing, delta- and para- gliding, treasure hunting, poaching, the ongoing construction within the area and the pasture and meadow ploughing are among the main reasons for the loss of important bird habitats.
Conservation status
About 16% of the Lomovete area is protected by law under the national conservation legislation. Nature park Russenski Lom is among the most important sites; it aims at the conservation of the unique plain canyon and its endangered flora and fauna. In 1989 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

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