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People often ask us: “How could I help?” We live in a very fast-paced world and everybody has thousands of tasks. Unpretending for being detailed enough, we give you some suggestions, connected with your work. Read them carefully and if you don’t find anything you can do for preservation of the Egyptian vulture, it will be fine just to love nature and be active and responsible. Someday our children will be grateful.

1. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the information about the threats of the Egyptian vulture and our efforts for its preservation.

2. You are a farmer. You do can help with doing your work environmentally friendly. Since 2012 new agricultural activities have been started in order to sustain the habitats of the Egyptian vulture. These activities are under measure 214 "Agricultural payments". In regions with high biological diversity a subsidy is paid to farmers, who turned their arable lands into grasslands and maintain them. Please contact us to help you apply for this program.

3.You are a hunter. Please contact us to give you a detailed Bird guide. Thus you will learn which species are game species and which are endangered and how to recognize them in nature. Do not shoot on raptors! If raptors disappear, illness will destroy the populations of the wildlife.

4. You are a student, who loves nature. Then contact us to give you interesting information for the life of the vultures. Visit our Nature Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes” in Madzharovo. There you will be able to observe vultures alive. Become a carrier of the message for saving the Egyptian vulture and Bulgarian nature. Let your family and friends know about this rare for our country species. Tell them the numerous dangers it meets and the need of saving it.



5. You study at university. Share with your friends what you know about these amazing and highly endangered birds. Become a member of Bulgarian Society for The Protection of Birds (BSPB) and join our conservation activities as a volunteer. Share with us your ideas for promoting the preservation of the Egyptian vulture.

6. You are a teacher. Contact us to receive appropriate materials, developed especially for the needs of the teachers. We will help you enrich the biology classes. We provide interactive presentations that introduce the amazing world of vultures and other wild birds to your students. Invite us to do a presentation in your school.

7.You love observing birds in wild nature. Then you are welcome to visit our Conservation Centers in Madzharovo and “Poda” near Burgas. There you will see some of the most rare bird species in Bulgaria. You will be able to observe the magnificent flight of the last wild vultures. You will also learn many interesting facts for their life and the troubles they have. Share with us your observations and pictures of the Egyptian vultures and thus you will help their preservation.

8.You are an environmentalist. Become a member of our organization and join us as a volunteer in our numerous activities, concerning the preservation of the birds and Bulgarian nature.



9. You are a researcher. Contact us and we will aim you to work in fields that will enrich our knowledge of this world endangered species.

10. You are a businessman. Then be active! Help us preserve the last vultures in Bulgaria. Donate for nestguarding, monitoring, educating and researching of the Egyptian vultures.

11. You are a forester. If you find dead or sick vulture, please contact us! Help us limit the disturbance of these birds while nesting.

12. You are a policeman. You do can help preserving the Egyptian vulture. Help us catch and punish poachers! They steal and destroy some of our most precious resources.

13. You are a representative of the local government. Use the Egyptian vulture and the amazing Bulgarian nature as a reason the local people to be proud of. Follow the example of the municipality of Topolovgrad (Sakar mountain) that announced another world endangered species – Imperial eagle, for the symbol of the town. Local people know, love and are proud of their symbol. It attracts more and more tourists in the town and that is good for the local economy. Help us build a public society, which does not tolerate poachers!

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The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The door of the artificial nest is now open

The door of the artificial nest is now open

Congregation of Egyptian vulture floaters observed at Studen Kladenets feeding station this year

Congregation of Egyptian vulture floaters observed at Studen Kladenets feeding station this year