Volunteers and contributors

san_1.jpgAlexander “Sancho” Marinov

Animator in “Eastern Rhodopy” Nature Conservation Center

"Through my participation in adiversity of nature conservation campaigns and activities I got to learn about manynature conservation issues in detail; this made me an even firmer believer thatthe time has come for mankind to accept that our ‘home’ is the whole planet,not only a flat, a house, a city or a country. Only when we see the mountains,seas, plains, continents – everything – we would be able to conserve our natureefficiently. And nature conservation is important, for it gives each of us achance to teach themselves how to be responsible to the environment, and thence– to others around them."


IMG_0901.JPGNatasha Peters

Field assistant, other project activities

"I would describe myself as a person very passionate about birds, and about conservation. I have loved being outdoors since I was a little child, and I love traveling to new places. I would like to travel the world gaining more experience and meeting great people while working with the birds I love and helping to preserve these treasures."



IMG_5823 a.jpg

Hristiyana Stomonyakova

PR, communication Rusenski Lom

"Most complete and also most favorite for me are the activities and communication with people in the region of the town of Ruse. The biggest challenge is how to reach people and how to convince them in the point of what you are doing. And here comes art – my basic profession. By art you can easily convince people to discuss conservation causes."

IMG_5662.JPGVolen Arkumarev

Vultures expert, other project activities

"I’m environmentalist since I was a child and I have a very strong passion for birds of prey. I believe that nature is a treasury, whose value we consider and see only when we have a positive attitude towards it."


88.jpgGeorgy Gerdjikov

Mapping of dangerous electricity grid

"I am a member of the BSPB since 2001. My passion is bird watching, nature walks, wildlife photography, folk dancing and a bunch of other things. I am currently a PhD in zoology at the National Museum of Natural History, BAS."




12222.jpgKrasimir Manev

Nestguarding Rusenski Lom

"From 2012, I participate in the project - monitoring, nestguarding and supplementary feeding of Egyptian vultures nest in Rusenski Lom. An activity that brought something new and exciting in my life. The world of vulture through both eyes of the binoculars. Or one-eyed spotting scope. A tale of skies and rocks. For love, from which we must learn. Parental responsibilities, in which dominate the patience and dedication ... and more ... and more about the magical world of vultures!."



IMG_1907.JPGYanina Klimentova-Nikolova

Field assistant Northern Bulgaria

"Nature inspires me since I was a little child and being on the field is one of my favorite moments especially when it is up to helping an endangered species such as the Egyptian vulture. It's a great experience for me giving the nature a hand."



Anton Stamenov

Field assistant

"I love to  watch the wild birds in the nature.  I hope that with my help in the conservation activities related to the Egyptian vulture, will contribute a little to the conservation of this species in Bulgaria."





Vanya_Angelova.jpgVanya Angelova

Field assistant

"From years I am engaged in activities related to the conservation of birds in Bulgaria. One of the most important species for me is the Egyptian vulture. I strongly believe and hope that the future of vultures is not so dark, and will continue to work hard to save them from extinction."






Emil Iordanov

Nestguarding and other activities

"The nature and wild animals attract my attention since I was a child. I have always admired the beauty of the nature, relations between speies and the incredible balance that is sustained in this complicated system. Unfortunatelly the man possess the  „unbelievable“ skill to disturb that balance and the fact that I can help and stand for the nature makes me happy."






Ben Keatinge

Donor in the fundraising campaign “Giving hope for the Egyptian vultures in the Balkans” 2014 and 2015





10250930_703580886385594_119365370_na.jpgYana Barzova

Animator in  “Eastern Rhodopy” Nature Conservation Center, other project activities









Yiannis Chondros

 Forest Technician - field researcher

"Meteora area without Egyptian vultures will be poorer, and this is something that we must avoid. I personally have very good “relations” with the most experienced couple of vultures in the area, and I am looking forward to see their descendants to return to Meteora…"





Maria Tegou

Mathematics teacher, Iasmo’s High School

"I love my job, my science, the relationship I have with my students. There are many reasons why I chose to participate in the Egyptian vulture adoption team. First and foremost, the good collaboration with my beloved co-worker Efi Dourouklaki, secondly the desire for my school to continue this notable effort that was initiated by our previous colleague, Katerina Athanasoula, and had very positive results, thirdly the willingness to open our school to the wider society and introduce our students to actions of selfless giving by showing to them that if we do what is in our power to do, however small, we can succeed. Finally, I am participating because I believe that such types of initiatives strengthen relations inside the team and create experiences that our students will carry with them for many years."


Dourouklaki Euthumia

Teacher of physical education, Iasmos High school

"I have been working as a teacher since 2001 and in Iasmo’s highschool since 2008. I am from Komotini, so I am very happy to be able to do what I love in the place I come from and adore. The reasons for taking part in the actions regarding the adoption of the Egyptian vulture are the following: I was informed of this action during the previous years by Ms. Athanasoula and I believed that we had to continue, hopefully having the same success. I also believe that by taking direct action the children are taught in a better way, are becoming active citizens, thoughtful human beings sensitive to issues regarding the protection of nature. In general, by participating in such actions the school motivates more people, makes the problem known in the wider society and also becomes an example for taking part in more volunteer actions."




Marina Badalidou

Teacher in Sapes Primary School

"By participating in this project my class has  the opportunity to experience first handedly the way environmental protection programmes work. It's very important that the class has a role in these actions. Such experiences are crucial for the children allowing them to become caring citizens, with the desire to participate in the commons and use their creativity for the common good."







   Katerina Skeva 

   Teacher in Sapes Primary School




KPE Soufliou.JPG

  Apostolos Ioannidis

  Teacher of Mathematics

  Soufli Environmental Center






  Sotiria Germanli and Dimitra Panagiotopoulou

    Teachers of Soufli Highschool







    Gistavidou Dina and Gizarli Athina

    Directors of Tychero Highschool and Primary School










   Vourdoglou Afroditi

   Teacher in Tychero Primary School









Krisia.jpgKrisia M. Ayala

Artist / Educator

I am a Puerto Rican­born and New York ­based artist interested in digital mixed media, print design, printmaking and birds. I focus on concepts of human society that can be compared with the behavior of birds. The discussions surrounding my artwork are directed to migratory patterns and cultural backgrounds, environmental awareness and the technical and metaphorical meanings of flight. I run a socio-environmental initiative called Icterus2, dedicated to raise environmental awareness about birds in all parts of the world, using artistic methods.







Zhivko Barzov

Volunteer for various projects of BSPB since 2010










DSC_0371.JPGKarolina Klimaitė

Field assistant, other project activities

I am Organization Of Environment Protection master‘s degree student with a deep interest in environment, ecology and nature conservation.  Also I am an active student, who wants to take every possibility which can be given for me. Moreover, I understand the importance of gaining practical knowledge which complements the textbook knowledge and helps a student gain a wider perspective of the subjects. So I had an opportunity to take internship with Erasmus and I couldn't say no. Bulgaria surprised my in a lot of different ways, nice people with big interests in nature conservation, amazing nature and magical birds. I'm really lucky that I choose BSPB as my internship place, it allowed me to see NGO kitchen with all pleasant and serious things.

IMG_2646.JPGIrene Mouthaan

Student, communication activities


I'm an Applied Biology Bachelors student from the Netherlands specializing in nature education and conservation. When I first came to Bulgaria I was amazed by the space and the amazing diversity of landscapes, so when I got the chance to do an internship abroad I decided Bulgaria would be the place to go. There is a lot of wild, amazing nature to preserve and protect here, something that is lost in many European countries, and BSPB does a great job to protect this natural heritage for future generations. I'm glad I got to be a part of this team!

1.JPGAistis Petruskevicius

Student, Field assistant

The traineeship in BSPB was one of the best experiences in my life. I had a chance to see the field work firsthand, contribute to the BSPB cause and help employees to locate or monitor the Egyptian vulture nests scattered across the Eastern Rhodopes. Meeting and having conversations with experienced people who are passionate about what they do was both important to broaden my perspective and will also help me to make the right decisions about my carreer in the future.

Photo bspb.jpg

Clémentine Bougain

Student, Field assistant

I took part to the project for my 6-month end-of-studies internship. The Egyptian vulture is an amazing traveler and its protection comes under the cooperation between many countries. Through that experience I realized that communication between people is absolutely indispensable. During my stay I learned a lot from people passionate about birds and their environment but also about their beautiful country. The actions of the BSPB are crucial to preserve all the wild areas and species and I am really glad to have played my part in this admirable mission.









Doan.jpgDoan Bekirov

Volunteer photographer, other project activities, Provadia

I'm an amateur photographer and love to photograph and observe the exquisite beauty of nature and animals.







Krali.JPGKraliu Kralev

Nest guarding Eastern Rhodopes








Nedelchev.jpgDimitar Nedelchev

Nest guarding, monitoring








Svetoslav_Cvetanov.jpgSvetoslav Tsvetanov

Nest guarding Northern Bulgaria











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The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The door of the artificial nest is now open

The door of the artificial nest is now open

Congregation of Egyptian vulture floaters observed at Studen Kladenets feeding station this year

Congregation of Egyptian vulture floaters observed at Studen Kladenets feeding station this year