SPA Mounts Orliakas and Tsourgiakas

Mounts Orliakas and Tsourgiakas (GR1310004)
National Name: Ori Orliakas kai Tsourgiakas

Map of SPA Mount Orliakas and Tsourgiakas

Landscape and biodiversity
The site is characterized by rocky areas with vertical slopes and gorges at the catchment area of river Venetikos. The vegetation includes oak forests, mixed evergreen vegetation and Black Pine (Pinus nigra) forests. In addition, there are abandoned cultivations and grasslands.

SPA Orliakas & Tsourgiakas

This site is important for species associated with forest and pastureland. The most important element of the area is the presence of large vertical cliffs and gorges which comprise suitable nesting sites for significant raptor populations such as Falco biarmicus, Falco peregrinus and Neophron percnopterus.

Human activities include forestry, recreation and livestock breeding.

The main threats for the area’s avifauna are the illegal use of poisoned baits, the abandonment of traditional land uses, especially of extensive livestock breeding, river water abstraction, the construction of hydroelectric power stations, intensive hunting, road construction, recreation activities and habitat overgrazing. The establishment and operation of feeding tables will help scavenging raptors, while the restoration of oak forests will upgrade the habitat of species associated with forests. The construction of a dam would comprise a threat for those species associated with riverine habitats.

Conservation status
The area is part of the National Park of Northern Pindos.

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