SPA Provadiisko Rojaksko plateau

Provadiisko and Royaksko Plateau Special Protection Area (BG0002038)

Photo: Dobromir Dobrev

The Provadiisko and the Royaksko plateaus are located in eastern Bulgaria between the towns of Shumen and Provadiya, and include the rock masses Nevsha-Venchan and Komunari.

Provadiisko-Royaksko plato map
Landscape and biodiversity
Half of the Provadiisko and Royaksko Plateaus Special Protection Area is occupied by broadleaf forests, mostly oak. The rest is distributed between arable land, pastures with bush and sporadic rock complexes. Animals: spade-foot toad, Crimean lizard, desert sand boa, short-toed eagle, booted eagle, roe deer, beech marten, wild boar et al.
In the region there are 160 bird species; 36 of them are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 68 have conservation significance on a European level.
The Provadiisko and Royaksko Plateaus SPA is one of the five most important sites for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture and the roller. The Provadiiska River valley often serves as a resting site for tens of thousands of migrating storks and birds of prey.
Agriculture and forestry.
The site is vulnerable to human activities that lead to disturbance of the birds: mountaineering, delta- and para- gliding, tourism. Poaching and treasure hunting, urbanization, investment plans for wind parks are the main reasons for the loss of valuable habitats.
Conservation status
In the Provadiisko and Royaksko Plateaus there are 4 protected areas that comprise 0.3% of the territory. Their importance is for the protection of nesting sites of endangered bird species, typical landscape and old oak forests. In 1997 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

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