SPA Tzena and Pinovo mountains

Tzena and Pinovo mountains (GR1240007)
National Name: Ori Tzena kai Pinovo


Map of SPA Tzena-Pinovo


Mounts Tzena and Pinovo are located at the central part of Aridaia mountain range, at the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The area includes the lowland region at the foot of mount Pinovo and the plateau of Notia - Perikleia - Lagadia, the hilly zone between them, as well as mounts Tzena and Pinovo from the gorge of Pefkoto to the west up to stream Liparo to the east, at the valley of Perikleia.

Landscape and biodiversity

SPA Tzena-Pinovo

This is one of the most interesting sites for its ornithological value in Greece. The area is covered by extensive deciduous forests (oak and beech), alpine and subalpine grasslands and extensive cultivations (clovers, cereals) at lower altitudes, separated by hedgerows, irrigation channels and streams. The sub-mountainous zone is dominated by a mosaic of pasturelands, Mediterranean shrubland, forests, as well as extensive cultivations, probably comprising the most significant feeding zone for many raptor species. The large gorges of the mountain range and the interspersed rocky outcrops around the whole area are of utmost importance for birds of prey.

This is an important nesting and feeding site for raptors and species associated with forest and open upland habitats. An important population of Gyps fulvus (non breeding) also occurs in the area. Among the important species of the area are: Bonasa bonasia, Falco biarmicus, Falco cherrug, Neophron percnopterus, Aquila heliaca, Aquila pomarina, Aquila chrysaetos, Hieraaetus fasciatus, Hieraaetus pennatus, Coracias garrulus.

SPA Tzena-Pinovo

The main human activities are agriculture, livestock breeding and forestry.

The main threats recorded in the area are abandonment of traditional land uses, afforestation of abandoned cultivations and grasslands with Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) plantations, the illegal use of poisoned baits, illegal hunting, intensive forest exploitation and the construction of small hydroelectric stations at Pefkoto, Aetochori and the valley of Foustani, as well as wind farm construction plans.

Conservation status
The area is included in the Special Protection Areas and is a Site of Community Importance. Also, it is a Wildlife Refuge and Biogenetic Reserve, as well as Important Bird Area (IBA).

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