SPA Yazovir Ivaylovgrad

Yazovir Ivaylovgrad Special Protection Area (BG0002106)

Photo: Volen Arkumarev

Yazovir Ivaylovgrad Special Protection Area (SPA) is located in south-eastern Bulgaria, in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, and includes a part of the Ivaylovgrad Dam on the Arda River together with the surrounding mountain slopes.

Ivaylovgrad map
Landscape and biodiversity
Ivaylovgrad Dam is located in the narrow valley of Arda River. Most of the area is covered with broadleaf forests, bush and grass communities, with a few rock formations. The arable lands are along the lake shores. Among the animals here are: green whip snake, Crimean lizard, oriole, olive-tree warbler, wild boar, wild cat, beech marten et al.
There are 163 bird species confirmed in the area; 42 are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 73 have conservation significance on a European level.
The area has European significance for the protection and conservation of rare and threatened habitats, plants and animals such as: Egyptian vulture, white-tailed eagle, booted eagle, black stork, smew et al.
Agriculture and animal husbandry.
The threats for the biodiversity here include forest fires, illegal logging, poaching, poisoning, unprotected electric poles, disturbance by extreme sports activities, and investment plans. The depopulation of the area leads to a diminished number of livestock and an overgrowing of the pastures.
Conservation status
The area includes two nature sites, declared for the conservation of rare plant species. They comprise just 0.05% of the area. In 2005 the area is declared an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

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