SPA Dobrostan

Dobrostan Special Protection Area (BG0002073)

Photo: Volen Arkumarev

Dobrostan Special Protection Area (SPA) is located in the Western Rhodope Mountains, in southern Bulgaria. It includes the Dorbostan mountain ridge along with the neighbouring ridges: Belocherkovski, Cherni, Chukata and Krustova gora.

Dobrostan map
Landscape and biodiversity
Dobrostan is a mid- and high-altitude mountain area with a varied relief defined by river valleys. The major habitats in the area are forests – broadleaf, coniferous and mixed; also, there are bush communities, pastureland and meadows. Fauna species include yellow-bellied toad, wall lizard, slow worm, black woodpecker, red deer, brown bear, wolf et al.
There are 149 bird species in Dobrostan; 28 are included in the Bulgarian Red List, and 60 have conservation significance on a European level.
The area has significance on a European level for the protection and conservation of rare and threatened habitats, plants and animals such as: Egyptian vulture, golden eagle, hazel grouse, capercaillie, white-backed woodpecker et al.
Forestry, animal husbandry, tourism.

Photo: Volen Arkumarev

There is a considerable activity in the forestry and agriculture sectors in the area, together with tourism etc. Intensive logging in old forests, pastureland and meadow ploughing, arsons, planting of foreign tree species, soil erosion, insufficient use of distant pastures, construction of small water plants, motor vehicle traffic outside the road system (including off-road) – these are just a fraction of the problems in the area at present.
Conservation status
The Dobrostan region includes 14 areas under protection which, however, comprise the mere 4.3% of the area. Their protection aims at the conservation of landscapes, coniferous forests, rock formations and habitats for rare plant and animal species. The Chervena Stena Reserve was established in 1962, and in 1977 it was declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. In 2005 the area is declared Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.


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