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Boris (14-27.01.2018)Boris (14-27.01.2018)

Boris (14-27.01.2018)

Boris is an adult male Egyptian vulture from the Eastern Rhodopes, tagged with satellite transmitter in the summer of 2015. Boris staretd his migration in September 2015 and with Jenny (the other adult vulture, tagged in 2015) reached their wintering grounds after traveling together to Syria. There they separated and Boris flew to Ethiopia while Jenny headed for Chad. He spnet the winter in in eastern Afar near the border with Djibouti. For 20 days, Boris traveled the distance from his winter ground in Djibouti and Ethiopia to his nesting cliff in the Eastern Rhodopes. On March 20th he was one of the first Egyptian Vultures returned in Bulgaria. The partner of Boris came back only about a week after him, and now they take care of their new generation. They raised one chick during the summer. The young bird (named Maria) was also tagged with satellite transmitter, aiming to understand if parents and young vultures are folowing the same route. In 2016, Boris started to migrate south on 24th of September, flying through Bosphorus, Ankara, Adana and Iskenderun in Turkey, crossing Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and entering in Ethiopia flying over the Red Sea through Bab-el Mandeb and crossing Djibouti. Boris settled for wintering in аn area reach of livestock in Afar (in the region of Aysha-Lasarat, close to the borders with Djibouti and Somalia), and roosts on high-voltage pylons.