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Lazaros is an adult vulture who was marked after being found helpless, poisoned in 2012, in Greece. His journey began in central Greece, he flew over the Dardanelles and across Turkey and then headed South across the Middle East. On the 10th of September he entered in Africa and a few hours later - crossed the River Nile. He faced the biggest challenge - the Sahara Desert. Over the burning sands flew only two days and entered Chad. Lazaros flew more than 4 000 kilometers in just 14 days, arriving in his winter quarters in Central Africa. In the middle of March 2013, Lazaros left Chad and for 5 days traveled over 1000km. Lazaros’s story ended on the 2nd of April 2013, when he was found poisoned in the north of Greece, next to another adult Egyptian vulture; both birds were returning to their breeding areas in Meteora (Central Greece) after a long trip from their wintering grounds in Africa.