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Sanie (7.8-3.10.2016)Sanie (7.8-3.10.2016)

Sanie (7.8-3.10.2016)

Sanie was hatched in 2013, close to Madjarovo, Bulgaria. Her migration began on the 18th of September. The same day she crossed the Dardanelles, then (exactly like  Ibrahim) visited Lesvos island, but then cаme back and followed  the Turkish seaside till Syria and then to South again. After 11 days of travelling Sanie flies above Nile and mighty Sahara desert. Sanie, joined Iliaz and Lefkipos, tagged in 2012 and wintering in Chad. In early 2015, Sanie was still in the region near the Fitri Lake in Chad, where she spent almost an year. In the beginning of May 2015 she moved to Egypt, then headed south through Sudan. Sanie, returned to Chad after spending the summer in Turkey.Sanie left Chad on April 13 2016, crossed the Dardanelles on 29 May and for the first time in three years returned to the Balkans. During the first few days she made a tour of Bulgarian Thrace, then in early June she returned to her native nest. Then she took a long trip to northern Romania. In July Sanie again began travels south, crossing southwestern Bulgaria, toured the Greek Thrace region of Serres and went to Serbia (Nis), flew over Kosovo (Kamenice), FYROM (Kavadarci) and then returned to the Eastern Rhodopes where she spent the rest of the summer. Sanie started her autumn migration 2016 on 21/8/2016. On 22/8/2016 Sanie flew over Istanbul and crossed Bosphorus. For few days (23-26/8/2016) it stayed in Beypazari area for “refueling” and then continued southeast but flying some 300 km east from the traditional migration road through Adana and Iskenderun. On 29/8/2016 Sanie entered Syria and on 1/9/2016 - in western Iraq. Sanie crossed Jordan and on 5th of September entered Saudi Arabia. For few days stayed in the mountains in the area of Al Bad, but after that continued to fly south along the Red Sea coast and on 17/9/2016 reached Yemen where stayed for about a week in the area of Ta’izz until 24/9/2016 when crossed to Africa through Bab-el-Mandeb, flew through Djibouti and settled for wintering in Afar region, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, on 4/10/2016 we received a signal that the bird is dead - still we do not know the reason.