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  • Asparuh (07/09/2016)



The young Asparuh started his migration on the 3th of September. He flied 30 km to visit another another young Egyptian vulture in South Bulgaria. Early the next morning moved to South and spent one day in Maris bay close to Dardanelles. Then changed his direction and headed west crossing whole Greece to Peloponnese. On the 9th of September he managed to cross 320 km from the sea and not more than 150 km left to the North African coast, but probably he was confused by the night. We assume that he landed on a ship, stayed there for 3 days and then  we lost his signal. The last signal that we received is from the middle of the sea, and the route of the bird is the same as the route of the ship "JRS MIRA", which is supposed to travel to Alexanria. While trying to cross the sea, Egyptian vultures often get exosted and fall or land on ships - then teir chance for surviving is biggger. Two days in a row, the satellite transmitter  of Asparuh, is sending signals from the sea.