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Ilina is young Egyptian vulture from Macedonia, tagged in 2013. Both with her brother Ilin left the nest, but stayed in the territory around. Ilina‘s migration  began on the 18th of September going to east. On the 21th she crossed the Dardanelles and reached territories west from Antalya. Unfortunately, in early October Ilina was found dead on a small island northwest of Rhodes. After losing her way in Turkey, she made a desperate turn towards the Dodecanese islands reaching all the way south down to Rhodes. However from there, probably bad weather conditions made her turn north once more where she finally got trapped on a small islet. By the time the weather had improved, the HOS field researchers was able to find only a large pile of Ilina's feathers. A possible explanation is that an exhausted Ilina, after several days without food or water was attacked by the islet's resident pair of Bonelli's eagle.