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Castor (7-20.2.2016)Castor (7-20.2.2016)

Castor (7-20.2.2016)

Castor is Egyptian vulture from Bulgaria. His story begins in 2010, when team of BSPB put a metal ring on its leg, while it was still chick. Four years later, on May 1 2014, Castor was found in bad condition in the North of Greece, probably poisoned, and after a long period of recovery was released back into the wild. HOS/BirdLife Greeceteam members fitted Castor with a satellite transmitter. The summer Castor spent near Kastoria and the National Park of Dadia, near the Bulgarian-Greek border. On August 22 he began his long migration and traveled 160 kilometers. On September 16, Castor reached his winter ground in Afar, Ethiopia covering about 4500 km. In early March 2015, Castor left his winter quarters in Ethiopia, crossed the Dardanelles and came on the Bulgarian-Greek border in the Eastern Rhodopes. In October 2015, Castor returned to Ethiopia for a second consecutive year after spending the summer season in the Eastern Rhodopes. Interestingly Boris (tagged in 2015, in Bulgaria) and Castor are wintering together in the Afar region – the area with one of the largest aggregations of the species in Africa. In February 2016, Castor broadcasts signal without movement.