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Waiting for the family to come back


Despite its caprices, March marks the beginning of spring and the first storks have already arrived one the Balkans. Soon their example will be followed by the tireless traveler – Egyptian vulture . This year the first vulture for Europe arrived on the 17th of February in Spain. We expect Egyptian vultures to arrive in Bulgaria during the second half of March....

Diclofenac: drug causing wildlife catastrophe in South Asia is available on EU market


Diclofenac is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug that can be prescribed to humans as well as to domestic animals. The drug is extremely toxic to vultures and its use on cattle has wiped out vulture populations in India, Pakistan and Nepal. These countries have now banned Diclofenac for veterinary use. Despite alternative safe drugs readily available, Diclofenac has been...

The first Antipoison Dog Units in Greece are ready!


The training of the Antipoison Dogs Units, after several weeks , is coming to an end. Both dogs and guides are practically ready to return to Greece and start working on real cases. The training has been difficult and demanding for the guides. Learning and putting in practice the methodology used to carry out a search for poison baits is not at all easy. On the one...

Informational meeting considering the possibilities for funding in accordance with the agro-ecological actions of Measure 214 ‘Agro-ecological payments’ and the problem with the wolf attacks was held in Madzharvo


The initiative came from Milko Armutliev, mayor of Madzharovo municipality and the BSPB team from the LIFE+ project „The return of the Neophron“. The possibilities for funding in accordance with the agro-ecological actions of Measure 214 ‘Agro-ecological payments’ within the Rural Development Programme at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, for...

The race against poison has begun!


As part of the actions against the illegal use of poison which are implemented within the framework of the LIFE+ Project “The Return of the Neophron”, members of the HOS and WWF teams are currently in Andalusia (Spain) in order to be trained as dog handlers of the future Antipoison Dog Units . Once the training has finished, the handlers together with their...

Illegal use of poison baits seminar for Forestry Services


On the 21st of January, HOS carried out together with the Forestry Service on Ioannina, a seminar with the title “Poison baits in Greece: impacts and conflict solving”. The seminar was held at the Epirus Region Congress Centre in Ioannina and was addressed to all the Forestry Services of Ioannina. Nearly 50 civil servants from different departments attended the...