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New season – new hope


In July, we conduct regular monitoring of the Egyptian vultures in order to check some of the territories under question and identify the number of the chicks in the nests. In Greece, the expedition of the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS) in Epirus confirmed three occupied territories but unfortunately only by single birds. In Bulgaria, the results so far...

“Giving hope for the Egyptian vultures on the Balkans” – fundraising campaign

23.06.2014 The Egyptian vulture - the bird species which population declines most rapidly among birds of prey in Europe, needs your support. It needs Guardians who can help it to return to us safely. You can help! Help us by a donation in the fund-raisng platform “Crowdfunder”...

Everybody needs somebody… even Egyptian vultures!


After recovering from the lead intoxication it had suffered , Castor, the Egyptian vulture found in bad condition on the 1st of May in the North of Greece, was released back into the wild. HOS/BirdLife Greeceteam members fitted Castor with a satellite transmitter that would provide valuable information of its whereabouts. Having just reached adulthood (Castor was ringed as...

“Life for the Egyptian vulture – international collaboration” film


An international seminar for capacity building for the study and conservation of the Egyptian Vulture on the Balkans, along the flyway and at its wintering grounds took place in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria, in 2013. Within the LIFE + project “The return of the Neophron” was created a film, dedicated to the importance of the international...

Baby Egyptian Vulture in the nest with the only of its kind camera for online observing


The pair of Egyptian vultures in the nest with the installated camera for online observing, has got their first baby. This happens for third consecutive year and  in the same date - June 1, International Children's Day. The world’s only of its kind camera for online observing of Egyptian vultures’ nest is installed in Bulgaria by BSPB . It shows in real...

Illegal trade in endangered vultures parts uncovered in West Africa


New evidence for illegal trade in endangered vulture parts to feed the black magic market in Nigeria and Niger has been uncovered with the help of the partners of the LIFE+ project from Bulgaria and Greece and other partner organizations in Africa. The illegal scheme, which involves traditional vulture hunters and traders, was uncovered thanks to the Egyptian vulture,...