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Searching for the migration routes along the Adriatic coast of Albania


Searching for migration routes always is a big challenge, especially when there is no information from previous studies! This pilot study of migratory birds in Albania was held by BSPB and the organization "Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania" (PPNEA) during the first two weeks of April. The main objectives of the expedition were to study...

A camera broadcasts from the Egyptian vultures’ nest


The world’s only of its kind camera for online observing of Egyptian vultures’ nest is here in Bulgaria. It shows in real time the life of one of Earth’s most endangered species. And this happens for third consecutive year! We are lucky that the pair Egyptian vultures chose to raise their babies in the same nesting place in Northern Bulgaria, where a...

Bad practices in pesticide use and illegal use of poisons in Rusenski Lom Nature park


During the planned visit to the region of Rusenski Lom Nature park (1-4.04.2014) a team of "The return of the Neophron" (Edita Difova - Agri-environment Expert and Dimitar Gradinarov - Bird Crime Officer for Bulgaria) have identified a number of irregularities in the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals for the commercial agriculture needs . The team has...

Hunters and ecologists together for the Egyptian vulture


In the beginning of April „The return of the Neophron“  team initiate  unofficial meeting with hunters from Provadia area. The local pair Egyptian vultures was just appeared there and this was a very nice reason for future cooperation between conversationalists and hunters. After the short presentation and the following discussion, the participants...

Photo traps for capture knowledge about the Egyptian Vultures


The team of the LIFE + Project “The return of the Neophron” have installed for third year in Northern Bulgaria an observing camera in a niche, where a pair of Egyptian Vultures nests. Now it is time for the photo traps. Few days before the arrival of the Egyptian Vultures, we had installed photo traps in two nests in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, as the life...

The first Egyptian vultures arrived in Bulgaria, (to open the new tourist season in Eastern Rhodopes)


The bird, known with its intellect and wanderlust, have returned in Bulgaria to breed, after spending the cold winter months in warmer tropical and subtropical regions. All observations have occurred in the last few days. The three pairs, observed in Eastern Rhodopes, arrived at the same time, when the Nature Conservation Center "Eastern Rhodopes" in the town of...