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The Egyptian vulture graffiti are ready!


In the last five days artists from „140 ideas“ were drawing a wall in „St. Kliment Ohridski“ school in Haskovo. Yesterday i n the late evening, they finished their work.  The mural painting, as the boys call it, is composed of five components, representing the life cycle of the globally threatened Egyptian vulture: (1) A young ,...

Experts from 7 countries exchanged experiences for the Egyptian Vulture


From July 29 to August 3 in the Eastern Rhodopes held an International training workshop for field research techniques of Egyptian Vultures. The event was attended by representatives of environmental organizations from all Balkan countries where the globally endangered species still occurs: Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, Albania and Turkey. The seminar was attended also by...

Low flying aircraft causing problems in the Rhodopes


During the traditional monitoring of vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) observed low flying cargo planes owned by the U.S. Army. The distance was so small that one could read the serial number on the cockpit with the naked eye. Its repeatedly flit very close to the nesting colonies of the rare Griffon and Egyptian...

Egyptian Vulture from the Eastern Rhodopes settled in Northern Bulgaria


We recently published news about a bird with a green ring on the left leg , which formed a pair in Northern Bulgaria. At this stage we couldn’t say anything but the bird is from generation 2008 because we were not able to decipher the code of the ring. Thanks to the photographic skills and diligence of one of our most experienced associates - Dimitar Nedelchev, who...

Youngsters created sculptures of Egyptian vultures for the World Migratory Bird Day


On 11 May we celebrated the World Migratory Bird Day by creating art installations at two locations where the Egyptian vulture still can be seen. In Provadia and on the nature conservation and education camp Kartali, held near Kardzhali, young people have made sculptures of the rare bird. The events took place within the project LIFE + "The Return of the Neophron". On the...

News from the monitoring of the Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria


The beginning of April is the beginning of the field work related to the Egyptian vultures. The cares of the next generation and ecologists duties are increasing with the same rate. So far for this year we found 27 active breeding territories,  26 of which occupied by pairs (the number is the same as previous season) and one of the territories is occupied from a...