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Against the poisoning of large carnivores in Europe


Experts from „The return of the Neophron“ participated in the LIFE+ ANTIDOTO congress „The poisoning of wildlife in Europa. Impact on threatened species and tackling measures“, 24 – 25  October, Assergi - Italy. Vladimir Dobrev and Victoria Saravia presented the main problems about poisoning on the Balkans and some of the crucial aspects...

Is the wild nature important?


„Of course!“ – That is the conclusion the students from nine schools in Haskovo region made after number of presentations. Main topics were the rare animal and plant species and their habitats. Special accent was made on the bond between people and nature. Examples for these connections are coming not only from the books, but also from the field experience...

The destiny of the juveniles Egyptian Vultures tagged with satelite transmitters


The Egyptian vultures are passionate travellers! One of the activities in our LIFE+ project „The Return of the Neophron“  financed by European commission and the „A.G.Leventis“ foundation is the the satellite tracking. Here we will share some information about 10 marked juveniles of this rare and beautiful species. Ibrahim was hatched in the...

Meeting with paragliders in Madara


Meeting between „The Return of the Neophron“ project team and paraglide clubs from Northeast Bulgaria  was conducted in Madara village, with the help of the mayor Mrs Antoaneta Ivanova. Host of the small event was Mr. Dimo Dimov manager of „Madarski konnik“ hut.  Among the most important subjects in the discussions were some difficulties...

First day in school for the Egyptian vultures in Haskovo


The time is passing by and in the same moment our Egyptian vultures starts their first migration, the school began for hundreds of thousand students in Bulgaria.  Of course, Haskovo is not an exception, but one school here is different this September. For all of you who are following our news pages in the site, the reason is clear – the remarkable graffiti with...

Two brothers with different destiny


Katerina and Paschalis are two different brothers born in one nest of Dadia forest with few days apart. Paschalis, the first chick and the more active, started its travel to South on 8th of September. In 5 days had reached in Crete where it rested for two nights and the next day it crossed the sea covering about 400 kilometers and landed on the coast of Egypt. Today,...