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First record of incubating pair in Thrace


On 22nd of April first incubating pair for Thrace was observed. After 20 days of territorial behavior like carrying material for the preparation of nest, copulating and displaying, the pair started to incubate. The nest is located in an SPA area of Filiouri valley (SPA GR1130011). Unluckily, the pair finally selected to nest on different cliff nearby to the nest where a...

Video camera is going to investigate the private life of the Egyptian vulture


A team of the LIFE+ project „The return of the Neophron“ funded by the European Commission and co-financed by the „A.G. Leventis“ foundation installed a video camera in a nest of Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria. This is a great opportunity for the public to look everyday and closely to the life of these globally threatened birds: from the hatch till...

“Big brother” watches the Egyptian vultures of Meteora!


After the successful installation of a trail camera in an Egyptian vulture’s nest in Thraki by our colleagues from WWF-Greece, a second trail camera has been installed by HOS field team in a nest in the region of Meteora. The deed was achieved with the invaluable help of professional climbers from the Mountaineering and Skiing Association of Trikala. Camera...

Start of the nest guarding of Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria for 2012


The nest guarding of the Egyptian vultures started with the return of the first vultures from their wintering grounds. This activity is implemented within the frames of the LIFE+ project „The return of the Neophron“ funded by the European Commission and co-financed by the „A.G. Leventis“ foundation. The nest guarding is aiming to decrease the...

“Days of the tarpans”


New Thracian Gold, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and the Krumovgrad Municipality organize the event “Days of the tarpans” near Sbor village, Krumovgrad region. The event will take place 27-29 April to celebrate the birth of this season’s foals of the tarpan wild horses. On the first day BSPB will present its activities in the...

This year’s first Egyptian vultures have arrived to Greece!


As every year, the beginning of spring brought back to Greece the first Egyptian vultures. The first pair of 2012 was observed by WWF Hellas staff members who are currently monitoring the Egyptian vultures within the framework of a LIFE project for the protection of the species. After a long journey from Africa where they winter, the Egyptian vultures arrive to our...