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First flights in the wild of the Egyptian vultures from the adaptation aviary in the Eastern Rhodopes


On May 16, two days after the tagging with satellite transmitters of the four young Egyptian vultures from the adaptation aviary in the Eastern Rhodopes, the door to sky and wildlife was already open. The first one who dared to leave the aviary was the most dominant vulture of the four birds, named Polya like the name of the girl, who observed and fed them for the last...

The Return to the Neophron – one of the Best LIFE Projects for 2016 and 2017


“The Return to the Neophron” is among 28 Best LIFE-Nature / Information Projects for 2016 and 2017! A total of 62 best projects in three categories were selected among 400 others for this period. This is the second huge recognition for the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, HOS, WWF-Greece and RSPB, after last week the project received the...

The Return of the Neophron project won the Natura 2000 Award


The LIFE project “ The Return of the Neophron ” won the Cross-border cooperation and Networking Award at the Natura 2000 Awards Ceremony in Brussels on 17 May 2018. In 2011, four partners – BSPB from Bulgaria, HOS and WWF from Greece and RSPB from UK joined forces to halt the decline of the Egyptian vulture population in the Balkans. Recognizing...

Thousands of families have learned more about the Egyptian Vulture on the Familatlon feast


On May 12, 2018, on the big meadow in the South Park in Sofia over 50 sports and leisure clubs and NGOs provided opportunities for more than 4,000 families to experiment with new experiences. There was also a team of the LIFE project “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” which introduced parents and children with the globally endangered species, through entertaining...

Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day


On May 14, the team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the Green Balkans tagged four young Egyptian vultures with satellite transmitters in Eastern Rhodopes. For nearly two months, birds are preparing for wildlife in a special adaptation aviary. The vultures were examined and dewormed and will be released after two days. Through the satellite...

The traveling exhibition and the photo exhibition for the Egyptian vulture are in the History Museum – Byala cherkva


On the occasion of the International Earth Day - April 22, in the Natural History Exhibition of the History Museum – Byala cherkva, the two exhibitions dedicated to the Egyptian Vulture were opened. The traveling exhibition consists of 10 panels representing different aspects of life and status of Egyptian Vulture, myths and legends associated with the species,...