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Fighting for vultures in the Balkans


The LIFE project “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” took part in two national seminars in Albania and the Republic of Macedonia, organized by the Balkan Anti-poison project (BAPP) , coordinated by VCF and dedicated to the greatest threat to vultures not only in the Balkans, but all over the world - the poison. The first national workshop took place in Tirana...

LIFE and wildlife crime


Wildlife crime has a negative impact on biodiversity across the world. The illegal killing, trapping or trade of species is putting the European Union’s biodiversity under pressure. In April 2017, the European Commission adopted the “Action Plan for nature, people and the economy” to improve the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives and...

Identifying critical migratory bottlenecks and high‐use areas for the Egyptian Vulture


The Egyptian vulture traveled as far as 7,500 miles (12,000 kilometers) in a single migration, at up to around 223 miles (360 km) per day. The vultures are just one species out of around 35 large soaring bird species that migrate along the Red Sea Flyway. There are dozens more small birds that migrate here, as well. It’s the second-largest migratory flyway in the...

First data from the field studies of the Egyptian Vulture population in Niger


The ‘White Vulture’: that is how the Egyptian vulture (EV) is called among local population in Kéllé and its surroundings, in the Zinder region. This area is known for harbouring the sacred bird because of its numerous cliffs, which constitute the perfect habitat for this specie. Also, it is with enthusiasm that we went there on the first SCF...

Workshop on the captive breeding of the Egyptian Vulture shares expertise and best practices


A workshop on the captive breeding of the Egyptian vulture was held between 14th and 18th of May in Semproniano, Italy. Host of the meeting was LIFE project „Measures for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and the Canary Islands“. The workshop was attended by experts from CERM – endangered raptors centre, The Pargue Zoo, Izrael Nature and Parks...

We solved riddles for the “hidden” Egyptian Vulture


For the 6th consecutive year the actions of the Egyptian Vulture pairs' symbolic adoption by the students of five schools in Thrace have been concluded with great success. It was important that not only children but also people from public and private sector embraced the initiative that demonstrates the endangered status of this emblematic species and the efforts to protect...