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5 years on-line monitoring of a wild nest of Egyptian vulture


In 2012, a team of the LIFE + project "The Return of the Neophron" installed a camera in a nesting niche of an Egyptian vultures’ pair near Provadia. Since then, every year this camera allows us to observe the life of this rare species and to become witnesses to the hatching and the first flight of a total of 9 young birds (2012-2, 2013-2, 2014-2, 2015-1, 2016-2...

This year we celebrated the IVAD in Madzharovo, Haskovo and Ruse


On the official date – September 3, the Nature Conservation Center “Eastern Rhodopes” in Madzharovo was visited by 50 people, who learned interesting facts about vultures. They also had the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. There was also screening of the film "Flying away". On September 9, we were in Haskovo. The program started with...

The traveling exhibition and photo exhibition for the Egyptian vulture are in Ruse


The new traveling exhibition, created this year under the LIFE+ project "The Return of the Neophron" is already installed at the Eco-museum with Aquarium of the Rousse Regional Museum of History . The guests can visit also the exhibition with photographs from " The Egyptian Vultures Odyssey " photo contest. Both exhibitions were part of the program of the International...

In the International Vulture Awareness Day, we announce the winners in the photo competition


Afrer five long monts of collecting of picture, voting and choosing of winners, came the day that we have to announce the winners in the photo competition "The Egyptian Vultures Odyssey". By choosing the winners, the Jury took in mind the technical criteria, composition and attractiveness of the photos. The Jury vote for the first award was verry difficult, because of...

Successful first flights of the captive-bred Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria


Just few days after the first flight of the juvenile of the only wild pair of Egyptian vulture left in the region of Lomovete (NE Bulgaria), the hack of the three captive-bred fledglings was opened. The juveniles were provided for releasing in the Rusenski Lom Nature Park from the Zoos in Prague , Vienna and Paris , in the frame of the...

We’ll celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day with events in Haskovo, Madzharovo and Ruse


Every first Saturday of September is dedicated to one of the most rapidly disappearing birds on the planet - vultures. If the main threats are not identified and resolved quickly and efficiently vultures in Europe and Africa could disappear within our lifetime. On 3th of September - The International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD), the Bulgarian Society for the Protection...