A giant hug for the Egyptian vultures of Thrace

The Environmental Team of Soufli “The Tree of Life & the River of Co-creation” posts on the school’s notice board their freshly awarded adoption “title” that was created by our volunteer Bony V. Puyvelde (WWF)

You can count the remaining active nests of the Egyptian vulture for the entire Thrace on the fingers of one hand. A species that only few decades before could be found in the hundreds in Greece has dropped to a number of less than twenty breeding pairs, placing it amongst the most endangered animals in the country. Consequently the last bastions of the species presence in the region are closely guarded, with the hope that, through the actions of the LIFE programme "The Return of the Neophron", the downslide of the greek population will be halted, giving a chance for the species to revive.
Important allies in our efforts are the local communities that live in the neighborhood of these birds thus shaping every day the conditions in which the last remaining Egyptian vultures survive. So this year WWF Greece launched, with the cooperation of the Environmental Education Centers of Soufli and Maronia, pilot actions for the adoption of Egyptian vulture breeding pairs by schools in the vicinity of the nests in Thrace. The goal is the formation of Egyptian vulture protection teams that will raise the awareness of their communities regarding the presence of the species in their neighbourhood and undertake actions that will articulate the need to fight practices and habits that threaten them, predominantly the use of poison baits, that is the number one danger for the country‘s Egyptian vultures.
We hope that this endeavour will continue through the coming years, with the current teams strengthening their actions and with new teams joining the ranks of the fight for the protection of this unique bird.
This year 103 primary and high school students, from 4 different schools of the region (the high school of Soufli, the primary school of Tichero, the primary school of Sapes and the high school of Iasmos) embraced 4 Egyptian Vulture breeding pairs with their positive energy, their creativity and their care for the environment of their homeland. Every member in each team assumed a specific role (danger team, naming team, news bearer team, reporting team, art team, ornithology team) in order for each team to succeed in its important task, which is, to give to "our" Egyptian vultures a safe and hospitable home, until they leave once more for the south in September.
Until then we'll keep you informed for the actions of each teams!

The 6th grade of Tichero’s primary schools listens to the Egyptian vulture story (WWF/J.Zoll)
The 4th grace of Sapes primary school assumes the role of the endangered Egyptian vulture (WWF/D. Skartsi)
The adoption team of Iasmos high school meets for the first time its Egyptian vulture (WWF)
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Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe