Attempt for assault on Egyptian vulture nest was prevented

Most Arda Special Protection Area, Photo: Svetoslav Spasov,

Two incidents were registered and fortunately prevented in late May and early June in one of the nesting territories of Egyptian vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes. In the first case, people were seen climb down to the nest of a pair of Egyptian vultures, but thanks to the timely response of a collaborator of the project “The Return of the Neophron” the attempted theft was prevented. In the second case, two climbers tried to climb to the same Egyptian vultures’ nest. Their actions had caused concern to the closely nesting pairs of Griffon vultures.

After a signal and a rapid intervention of the project team and RIEW Haskovo the disturbance to the birds was avoided. The climbers were requested to avoid cliffs along the Arda River, where nest Egyptian vultures, Griffon vultures, and Black storks and all rocks are included in protected areas, as well.

In Monday in Nea Santa, Greece, a baby Egyptian vulture was attacked and killed by a fox. These examples prove the need and importance of the implementation of one of the key activities of the project – the nest guarding. Guarding the nests of the Egyptian Vulture reduces the risk of disturbance and poaching, which are risk factors during the incubation period.

The project provided funding for nest guarding for the first two years only, and from 2014 onwards the activity is funded through donations. Thanks to the last year's fundraising campaign and the hard work of our volunteers, the young Egyptian vultures were in safe hands. Once again we need your support for this year’s nest guarding campaign!

Join the campaign for volunteers for nest guarding “Give yourself” or donate funds for nest guarding in one of the offices of the BSPB, on our bank account in Raiffeisenbank – Bulgaria, BGN: IBAN BG55RZBB91551060107329, BIC RZBBBGSF, or here.

Please specify your wish to donate for nest guarding for the Egyptian Vulture in particular.

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Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe