We solved riddles for the “hidden” Egyptian Vulture

G.Azoridis (WWF Greece)

For the 6th consecutive year the actions of the Egyptian Vulture pairs' symbolic adoption by the students of five schools in Thrace have been concluded with great success. It was important that not only children but also people from public and private sector embraced the initiative that demonstrates the endangered status of this emblematic species and the efforts to protect the magic nature of our region.
In May and June, 150 students, 12 educators as well as 25 public services and 13 store owners collaborated for the protection of the Egyptian Vulture, proving that the Egyptian Vulture is not a lost case in our region, on the contrary if everyone is aware and sensitised to the problem, the reinforcement of the population of the Egyptian Vulture is not an elusive idea.
The spirit of the game was based on the hypothesis of the extinction of the Egyptian Vulture from each school's region and the students should find it by solving a series of riddles and on account of this they called upon to think and act as environmental detectives They were separated in colored teams with Egyptian Vulture's colors and then ran through the roads of each village looking for the hidden riddles. The riddles were hidden in public services or in private enterprises, and each riddle were leading to the next. Winner was the team that succeeded to solve all the riddles faster than the other teams. Through this alternative lost treasure game named as the "hidden Egyptian Vulture", the students learned about the important role of the specific public services for the species' protection and at the same time they disseminated their messages to the local community by involving the store owners.
For one more year, the students gained valuable knowledge in order to acquire an essential attitude against the extinction of the Egyptian Vulture. Once more they involved the local community in common efforts towards the protection of this rare vulture species, that we, all together hope to continue breeding in our region.
These actions took place in collaboration with the Environmental Education Centers of Maroneia and Soufli with students from the High School of Iasmos, the Intercultural Elementary School of Sapes, the High School of Soufli, the High School of Tychero and the Elementary School of Tychero.
• We express our sincere thanks to all the public services (Forest, Fire, Police and Public Veterinary Services, Post Offices, Citizen Support Services, Elderly Home, Public Libraries and the Municipalities), also the citizens and the store owners (butcher shop, grocery shop, bakery, hair salon, book store, silk museum, hunting clubs etc.) that collaborated for the implementation of this action in each village (Soufli, Tychero, Sapes, Iasmos).
• The actions took place as part of the LIFE16 ΝΑΤ/BG/000874 (Action E5).

Before I leave for Africa in September, I’ll register my children in the roll, so that Soufliotes they are for life and build their nest here in time ... was the riddle that drove the students to the Mayor of Soufli who congratulates them about their action (E. Bazaios/WWF)
Mayor of Sapes congratulates the children for their initiative (G.Azoridis/WWF)
As citizen I need support to bring my papers from Africa here and marry in Sapes ...was the riddle that drove the children to the Citizen Support Services (G.Azoridis/WWF)
The forest warden of Sapes Forest Service is jesting while the children are looking forward to receive the riddle (G.Azoridis/WWF)
Fireman of Sapes delivers to the orange team the next riddle (G.Azoridis/WWF)
We chase every outlaw, together for the wild birds, you can help us as well, if the egg poachers you tell ...was the riddle that drove the children to the Police Station (G.Azoridis/WWF)
At butcher shop (L.Kapsalis/WWF)
As I fly around, what I see? Camels? What they are doing here in Greece? They may heard for the halva and tahini. Let's go inside....was the riddle for the coffee shop (G.Azoridis/WWF)
A badge for the winners (L.Kapsalis/WWF)
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Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe