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Volen is the juvenile Egyptian vulture which hatched in the nest under video surveillance in 2012 in Bulgaria. We saw him growing and we had the opportunity to follow his first migration. He took the Via Pontica, but flew over the Bosphorus. After flying over Turkey, he reached the Middle East, and on the 19th of September flew over the Suez Canal into Africa. That night he stayed near Nile and early on the next morning rushed off to Saharaand spent a lot of time in a small region in Western Sudan. On 21 May 2014, Volen moved from his wintering ground in Sudan and after one month reached central Turkey, where he stayed until 20 September. Then Volen began his migration back to Sudan. Until that moment he had covered over than 9 thousands km. Volen often flew to neighboring Syria. The satellite transmitter of Volen, didn’t broadcast from 29 September 2014; the last data from the transmitter is from central Egypt.