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Svetlina (Light) is Egyptian vulture, tagged in 2012 in Eatern Rhodopes, Bulgaria. For her first migration, she choosed similar migration route as Dobri (tagged the same year in Norh Bulgaria). Svetlina flew over Dardanelles. At the end of Spetember 2012, Svetlina wal located in Central Jordan. After 1 year of 1 life in southwestern Yemen. Svetlina spent 3 weeks made several long trips, moving away of more than 120 km from the place where you spent last year. Svetlina, which wintered in Ethiopia, unfortunately died on the border between Sudan and Eritrea. She spent a long time in the Afar Triangle, before moving to Djibouti and Eritrea. Soon after her entry into Sudan, she stopped moving. With her brave journeys she discovered completely new horizons in our understanding of the migration of Egyptian vultures in the Balkans. Svetlina stopped moving on June 9 2014 in southeastern Sudan.