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Lefkipos is juvenile Egyptian vulture, tagged in Dadia National Forest Park in 2012, started it’s first migration flying over the Bosphorus and more than a week remained near a small town in Northern Turkey. There is a rubbish dump, which is known to be an important site for Pre-migratory congregation of Egyptian vultures. He found his fellows, and plenty of food there. He reached Chad, where he spent a lot of time. Lefkipos in June 2014 moved from Eastern Chad through Sudan as far as North Egypt, then returned in Sudan again, covering about 5000 km.  In October 2014, Lefkipos, moved from South Sudan back into Chad, with several rambles through Sudan, Egypt and Libya, covering more than 7 thousands km. In the middle of Jaunary 2015, he was again in Sudan - on the border with South Sudan. He didn’t broadcast from 26.01.2015