Monitoring of Egyptian Vulture migration on Antikythira Island 2017

© HOS/Petros Petrou

New Technical Report, created under the LIFE project “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” presents data from the monitoring of Egyptian vultures on Antikythira island in Greece, held in August and September 2017.

Antikythira is a small island of the Aegean Sea, located between Kythira and Crete in South Greece. The island serves as a leading line for migrating raptors which take advantage of the updrafts and the thermals created in the island in order to gain height before continuing their journey to and from Africa. The island is also used by migrating raptors for resting and refueling.

The observation of migrating raptors and other soaring birds took place from the 17th of August until the 30th of September. In total, 2064 raptors of 21 species and 237 soaring birds of four species were logged during the field season of autumn 2017. Among them were two Egyptian Vultures, a subadult and a juvenile. Both birds were recorded on September the 13th between 14:00 and 15:00.

The two Egyptian Vultures, along with a Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) that was spotted on the 4th of September, are considered the most exceptional observations of the 2017 season. The Egyptian Vulture, is regularly passing though Antikythira during autumn migration and it is believed that all observed birds most probably belong to the Greek and Balkan population. The regular passage of the species in the area indicates that the island is a very important insular bottleneck for the species.

From the raptor monitoring that has been conducted by HOS over the last 5 years, the Egyptian Vulture shows a decrease in numbers through the term, with the exception of 2015, a trend that most likely mirrors the population status in Greece and the Balkans.


Find the Technical Report “Monitoring of Egyptian Vulture migration on Antikythira Island” here.

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Where is B14?

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