With a voice for the Egyptian vulture

Iasmos students created an original message (WWF)

The schools of Evros and Rodopi area took one more initiative for the protection of the threatened Egyptian vulture of which only 5 pairs bred in Greece this year. For a fourth consecutive year the students tried to sensitize the local people and stakeholders for the protection of the species.

120 students demonstrated with their own unique way the great need to protect the species that it is on the brink of extinction. This year, they visited once more the view points from where they observed "their birds" in their nests and wished them good luck! Some students and teachers had already participated in this symbolic adoption project since the beginning and they worried a lot for the future of the species.

Furthermore, the students of Tychero primary school and Iasmos highschool with the help of art teachers gave space, color, breath and vitality to their favorite feathered friend. Their own Egyptian vulture decorates anymore the external wall of their schools giving hope to a better future for the species.

Concluding this year the 1st circle of the symbolic adoption of the last pairs of Egyptian vultures in Thrace, we all wish the voice and the desire of all students to inspire everybody to do more and more things to save the species.

WWF Greece conducted school activities in collaboration with Maronia and Soufli Environmental Centers with fellows the 5 schools of Evros and Rodopi (Soufli, Tychero and Iasmos highschools and Tychero and Sapes primary schools).

We thank the Management Body of Dadia National Park, the Soufli Municipality and our EVS volunteers for their support in implementing the school activities of this year.

The students of Iasmos raise their message at the schoolyard (WWF)
I help, I take care ... (WWF)
... Ι concern, You? aksed the students from Iasmos
The mural of the Sapes primary school (WWF)
Few natural materials and here is an Egyptian vulture made by Sapes students (WWF)
The mural at the Tychero primary school (WWF)
Tychero students observe the nesting site of Egyptian vulture in Dadia Forest
Discussion in front of the signboard that the same students from Iasmos created 2 years ago (WWF)
The center of Lefkimi village full of students
The Tychero students raise their message
The studenst from Soufli raise their own message
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Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe