Messages in the sky for the Egyptian Vulture

Students from Soufli raise their message

120 students, five schools in Thrace and one of the most endangered bird of prey in the world. Students from Thrace (Secondary school of Soufli, Secondary school of Tichero, Primary school of Tichero, Secondary of Iasmos and Primary school of Sapes) for the fourth consecutive year, are standing by the side of the endangered Egyptian vulture, ''learning its secrets'' and moving into protection activities.

Less than 10 Egyptian vulture couples remaining in Greece are in danger mainly because of poisoned baits. Students of Thrace have undertaken an active role in raising awareness of the local community in order to stop this criminal practice. As part of a series of actions, which have been launched in order to take place until the end of the school year, 3 of the 5 schools have been at viewpoints of the vulture nests.

On 5 April, students from the primary and secondary school of Tychero have been at Gerakina top and with great enthusiasm they left their own imprint.

Students of Tychero handed over the baton to the students of Secondary school of Soufli's Environmental Team on April 8, which started with enthusiasm and eagerness to observe the nests of vulture in Dadia region. Those days were the most important in the migration route of the Egyptian vulture, which was returning from Africa and nesting in Dadia forest to give birth to its young.

Shortly before their ascent to the observation point of the nest, students and teachers together left their strong signal near the "home" of Egyptian vulture.

In observation of the nest, students came up with a nice surprise: Ioli and Paris, the pair of Egyptian vultures, that had been adopted three years ago, were in the nest and welcomed them! These two days were full of creativity and gratification, motivating everyone to continue the efforts passionately.

We would like to thank the Management Body of the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli National Park for the permission and the assistance provided to transfer students from Lefkimi to Gerakina top, the Municipality of Soufli who gave buses to transport the students from Tichero and Soufli to the viewpoints, the EVS volunteers for their help at the creation of messages and the Center of Environmental Education of Soufli for cooperate at the implementation of the annual program of this symbolic adoption of Egyptian vulture pairs from the students of the region.


Students from Tichero raise their message
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Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe