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Photo: Kaloyan Hristov

"The Brotherhood of the Phoenix" is the project proposed by the BSPB/ BirdLife Bulgaria, which the family-run company VAUDE decided to support and nominate for the contest of the European Outdoor Conservation Association – joining the efforts of 125 member companies, trade association partners and media partners to support global biodiversity conservation.

The focus of the project is the preservation of the Bulgarian population of the Egyptian vulture – one of the most charismatic birds in the world, which disappears at fasters step even than the symbol of the species extinction – the Dodo.

The Egyptian vulture may not be as popular as the Dodo, but should it dwindle in extinction to deserve our attention?

THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE PHOENIX needs your support to reduce human disturbance and accidental poisoning of Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria.


The voting to select the best of the nominated projects was launches at 00.00 h GMT on March 16th 2015 and will continue till March 31st 2015.

Vote for our project – “The Brotherhood of the Phoenix” at

Please, share the link with your friends. The more people are mobilized to vote, the higher the chance that our project gets the funding of € 30,000, which will be invested in direct guarding of the most vulnerable nests of the bird of the Pharos to prevent disturbance during breeding season and work to mitigate risk of accidental poisoning.



european-outdoor-conservation-association.jpgEOCA is a charity organization with more than 120 members from countries ranging from Norway to Spain and Great Britain to the Czech Republic. The membership fee is directly fed into funding nature conservation projects demonstrating the connection between the environmental protection and the socially responsible businesses.

vaude-logo-spirit.jpgVAUDE is a German created in 1974 by Albrecht von Dewitz, who was a passionate mountaineer. VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports. Passion and performance, enjoyment and nature – without the mountain, VAUDE wouldn’t be what it is today. It is their foundation and our brand symbol.




1. You can vote in each of the categories for your favourite project, however only one vote per category can be casted from one IP address.

2. You can only vote on-line on the EOCA website or OR on the websites of the EOCA magazine partners. You cannot vote by mail, phone or other means.

3. To guarantee fair vote EOCA will keep the following information – IP address, type of the browser you use, your operation system, the hour of casting the vote. The collected information will not be sold or shared.

4. While you vote you could subscribe for the EOCA Newsletter.

5. Voting for 2015 for the alpine group funded projects will take place from 16th March (00.01 GMT) to 30th March (12.00 BST).

6. The results will be officially announced in the middle of July 2015 at a special event the OutDoor tradeshow.

7. Please vote for the “Brotherhood of the Phoenix” at

Useful information
Where is B14?

Where is B14?

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe